About Us

I was successfully self-employed in a client-based business for over 39 years. I have been a business owner for almost 14 years. Now directing part of my focus to the fashion forward side of myself. I’ve always tried to stay on trend but keeping in mind age appropriateness. Clothes are one way to make you feel more confident no matter the age. 
I have two young daughters and have always been around fashion and up to date trends. So, when creating KHB we knew this would be a family owned business. Not only do I have my family working by my side, but the name Kelin House Boutique also comes from my family. The name Kelin (Key-Lynn) was actually my mother’s middle name, Ann Kelin Walker. She passed away in 2014 and we miss her every day. When the idea of opening my own boutique came to mind, my girls and I just knew we had to involve Kelin in some way.
I knew when I opened my boutique and created my brand, I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to stand out from all the other boutiques that you see on social media or all over town. KHB is targeted towards women ages 30+ who want to dress trendy yet appropriate, while also finding the happy medium to also target women 18+.  In my house we have women ranging from 21- 54, but we always caught each other wearing the same type of outfits. I want KHB to be a place where women of all ages can shop, and not be self-conscious about age.
 We love all of our KHB customers, thank you for supporting my dream!! -Kelli